What I'm up to these days

This blog has been even quieter than I feared.  That's partly because I've been busy helping put together CreateBaltimore.  It's a "barcamp" or "unconference" for members of the arts and tech communities in Baltimore.  Nearly two hundred people have signed up to attend, so I think we've hit a nerve.  

I've also been producing the TummelVision podcast and helping in various ways behind the scenes. Heather, Kevin, and Deb have fostered some great conversations with fascinating guests.  I've been learning a lot about tech, social interaction, and networked culture.

Bethanne Patrick and I have also been developing a podcast.  Bethanne has gathered an incredibly active group of global book-lovers around, of all things, a Twitter hashtag - #FridayReads.  It turns out that Twitter is a great way to trade recommendations and engage in conversations about reading things substantially longer than 140 characters.  We're creating a live and recorded audio/video podcast to enrich and grow the community Bethanne has fostered.

I think my own online arts and culture projects are going to be heating up soon as well.  It is past time for me to post and publicize some great stuff I've been working on for The New Modern.