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34 E 25th St
Baltimore, MD, 21218
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A portfolio of Andrew Hazlett's writing, online broadcasting, learning in progress, commentary, side projects, hobbies, and other preoccupations. 



Andrew Hazlett is a Baltimore-based writer and online media specialist with a background in technology, culture, and politics.


I am or have been: a waiter, senior federal appointee, writer, community organizer, publishing professional, stay at home dad, analyst of Baltimore news journalism, research assistant, office temp, think tank staffer, speechwriter, White House & Congressional liaison, book critic, and 7-11 clerk, technology and media enthusiast, and policy wonk. 

My LinkedIn profile hits the main points.


I'm always writing, for work and for pleasure, but click here for some examples of my published, paid for, or otherwise third-party approved writing.

re: Baltimore

Since moving to Baltimore in 2001 and ceasing the awful commute to Washington in 2009, I have been fascinated and inspired by this city – as it is and as it might be. I co-founded the Create Baltimore arts-and-tech unconference, galvanized the tech community at, and helped start the Hack Baltimore urban innovation project, additional evil plans are in the works.

Orwell on the BBC


Online shows – in audio and video – are no longer (exclusively) the province of geeks and podcatchers. From "House of Cards" on Netflix to the thousands of news and discussion programs on iTunes, YouTube, or Stitcher, the tools of broadcasting are in mainstream hands. Through TummelVision, Baltimore Weekly, and, now, All the Pieces Matter, I've been an early adopter and employer of this technology.